Collaboration is the essence of problem-solving, but in the modern working world gathering your team can be tricky. The EXPAND 30 Series is your instant conferencing companion. Wireless, light and portable, easy to use and with excellent sound quality for all participants – both in the room and remote. Find out more at #EPOS #ThePowerOfAudio #PioneeringAudioTechnology #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Security made simple Sophos is one of the world’s leading providers of both endpoint and network security. With the tagline “Security made simple”, Sophos’ products are designed to secure and protect every endpoint on your network, as well as providing exception perimeter defense with their next-generation firewalls. For more information : #sophos #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Australia’s technology expert, Charlie Brown tested EPOS IMPACT 5000 range and gives his take on the professional headsets in Cybershack – Australia’s only television program dedicated entirely to the consumer technology and home entertainment market. Watch video at #EPOS #ThePowerOfAudio #PioneeringAudioTechnology #Headsets #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Terbaru! Asustor Driverstor, NAS ringkas yang serba bisa dengan spesifikasi : Realtek RTD1296 Quad-Core 1.4 GHz CPU, 1 GB DDR4 – 40% lebih efisien, 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet yang super cepat. Enjoy, download, upload dan stream content dengan kualitas resolusi 4K. Dilengkapi dengan design rose gold baru yang elegan, dan instalasi yang mudah tanpa alat tambahan. #asustor #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Carbonite automates data migration across different hardware platforms, storage types and operating systems. You can move workloads with minimal risk and near-zero downtime. For more information : 021-29345800 #carbonite #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

A new dimension of remote working is emerging. Rosie Haslem, a specialist in workplace design believes truly effective virtual collaboration will require truly effective technology. At the very least, it means being able to hear each other clearly. Read on for a deep dive into the emerging dimension of work that requires virtual collaboration at...

Your waiting is Over ! Now present “Micro Data Center” Complete IT infrastructure within a stand-alone, secure enclosure for protection of critical business applications. Include : power distribution, UPS, and environmental monitoring For more information : #apc #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

LiveAction adalah sebuah solusi berbeda yang komprehensif dan realtime yang memaksimalkan Performa dari Jaringan Network nya. Sehingga issue-issue jitter, latency, ping lambat itu dapat ditemukan sumber nya dari sisi mana, sehingga bisa mengoptimalkan jaringan Network nantinya ke performa yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Contoh yang dapat dilakukan dengan LiveAction : 1. Monitoring Interface Perangkat Network...