Siemens : Solid Edge Program

Hi Partner setia SMI, ada kabar baik nih! Siemens akan mengadakan program khusus untuk Software Design Engineering di tahun 2024. Pastinya dengan harga yang sangat kompetitif loh! Mau tau informasi lengkapnya? Hubungi kami di 08176940696 Jangan sampai ketinggalan ya! 🔥

Netapp : Why Unified Data Storage?

     Rethink unified data storage! It’s not just about multiprotocol support; it’s about integrating your entire IT environment. Embrace a silo-free infrastructure that caters to all apps, workloads, and data types — wherever your data resides. It’s time to unify your data storage: For more details : 

IBM FlashSystem 5200

  Protect your data from Ransomware with faster threat detection thanks to the latest FCM4 technology. Follow @synnexmetrodata and reach out to us at for more details! #IBMStorage #FlashSystem5200 #IBM #IBMIndonesia #SynnexMetrodataIndonesia

IBM FlashSystem 5045

Seize the advantage today and witness the transformative power firsthand. Follow @synnexmetrodata and reach out to us at for more details! #IBMFlashSystem #IBMIndonesia #DataStorage #Virtualization #SynnexMetrodataIndonesia

Suse : CentOS Linux 7

Your CentOS 7 & CentOS 8.5 will reach end of life? DO NOT WORRY! SUSE Liberty Linux is here to bring the solution for you! It lets you keep your current operating system “as is”, while getting the support, maintenance updates, and security patches you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information,...

Huawei : Distributor Partner of the Year

PT. Synnex Metrodata Indonesia mendapatkan Award Distributor Partner of the Year dalam acara Huawei Asia Pacific Partner Awarding Ceremony yang diadakan di Bangkok pada tanggal 29 – 30 April 2024. Penghargaan ini diberikan oleh Mr. David Wei Xianbin dan diterima oleh Bapak Lie Heng. Penghargaan ini diberikan kepada SMI karena SMI dinilai telah menjadi mitra...