To face the significant growth of people’s activities in online shopping, we need to prepare the digital infrastructure of the future, and take advantage of these opportunities to expand our business reach. Synnex Metrodata Indonesia is ready to face these challenges with an advanced service capability platform using digital technology. Together we build the digital...

Sophos : Complete Data Security for Banks and Financial Networks

Complete Security for Your Financial Data, Transactions, and Business Operations with Sophos. Sophos delivers advanced protection capabilities to help finance and banking institutions stay secure without adding to their IT overhead. Click link on below for know more about Sophos : Or contact for more information #sophos #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Veritas : Why Choose NetBackup?

Managed Your Data with Veritas NetBackup Netbackup merupakan *Trusted Leader* dalam memproteksi data perusahaan Dapat memproteksi semua data secara – Virtual – Physical – Cloud For more information : #veritas #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Hanwha Techwin : The Evolution Continues X Series Meets AI

The new X series cameras utilize AI to detect and classify people, vehicles, faces, license plates and more in real-time. With a range of available resolutions from 2MP to 4K, the cameras deep-learning algorithms can reliably identify multiple distinct objects. For further information : #hanwhatechwin #wisenet #surveillance #ipcamera #aisolution #cctvcamera #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

ASUSTOR College Testing Center

Kini, Asustor telah menghadirkan ASUSTOR Testing Center! ASUSTOR Testing Center berisi soal-soal pertanyaan, untuk membantu mempelajari seluk beluk ASUSTOR NAS dengan lebih efisien. ASUSTOR College dibagi menjadi empat level dan apabila kamu dapat menyelesaikannya semua, maka kamu akan mendapatkan sertifikat. Setelah mendapatkan beberapa sertifikat, kamu juga akan memiliki kesempatan untuk berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan eksklusif...