NetApp AFF A250

Saat ini banyak perusahaan yang berlomba-lomba untuk menyederhanakan manajemen data di seluruh infrastruktur hybrid-cloud. Dengan adanya NetApp AFF A250 yang dilengkapi SSD NVMe tertanam di bagian belakang dan konektivitas host NVMe over FC (NVMe/FC) di bagian depan, memungkinkan Anda mempercepat kinerja demanding-application, menggabungkan lebih banyak workload dalam suatu shared-environment, dan mengurangi beban biaya data center...

Sophos ZTNA

Sophos ZTNA is now available! Sophos ZTNA transparently connects users to important business applications and data, providing enhanced segmentation, security, and visibility over traditional remote access VPN. It works as a standalone product and as a fully integrated Synchronized Security solution with Sophos Firewall and Intercept X. Click link on below for know more about...

Teltonika RUT240, RUT950, RUT955

Teltonika RUT240, RUT950, RUT955 “INDUSTRIAL CELLULAR ROUTER”, Available in Synnex Metrodata Indonesia! RUT series is a high-performance industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi router designed as a Main/Backup internet source with DUAL SIM for additional connection. For more information : #teltonika #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech RALLY BAR “All-in-one video bar for midsize rooms” NOW available and ready at Synnex Metrodata Indonesia! STAYS FOCUSED, LOOKS BRILLIANT, and SOUNDS AWESOME on your virtual meeting video with Logitech Rally Bar. Study case by Logitech : For more information : #logitech #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

MSI : Premium Partner 2021

Synnex Metrodata Indonesia received the “Premium Partner 2021” appreciation from MSI. We are very grateful for all the support from partners, vendors and consumers. For more information : 021-29345800

Synology : FlashStation FS2500

Introducing FlashStation FS2500, our newest all-flash server designed to tackle business IT applications requiring fast and low-latency storage, including virtual machines and post-production work. The compact, 1U chassis fits 12 2.5″ SATA bays, providing ample capacity and simple installation. Available on Synnex Metrodata #storage #nas #synology #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Siemens Solid Edge : Software as a Service

Xcelerator Share menjadi platform dari Siemens dalam membantu perusahaan melakukan transformasi digital. Xcelerator Share menjadikan software Siemens Solid Edge dapat terintegrasi dengan berbagai software CAD, CAE dan CAM sehingga tidak membutuhkan lagi translator untuk melakukan integrasi antara software. Xcelerator Share yang berbasis Software as a Service atau SaaS menjadi suatu setrategi dalam melakukan transformasi digital...

Veritas : Why Choose NetBackup ?

Managed Your Data with Veritas NetBackup Netbackup merupakan *Trusted Leader* dalam memproteksi data perusahaan Dapat memproteksi semua data secara – Virtual – Physical – Cloud For more information : #veritas #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi

Seagate FireCuda 530

Do you have any difficulty to install a Seagate FireCuda 530 into your PS5 M.2 SSD expansion slot? Learn how to install on and feel the difference!! Available on Synnex Metrodata #seagate #firecuda #ps5 #playstation #playstation5 #synnexmetrodataindonesia #synnexmetrodata #smi