PT. Synnex Metrodata Indonesia Appointed by Indeed Identity as an Authorized Distributor to Expand Cybersecurity Software Market in Indonesia

January 19, 2021by Winda Winda0

Jakarta, Indonesia, 19 January 2021—PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (“SMI”)—one of a subsidiary of Metrodata Group that focuses on Information and Communication Technology (“ICT”), today announces its strategic partnership as an Authorized Distributor of Indeed Identity PTE LTD (“Indeed Identity”). This partnership will expand market share in Indonesia for Access and PKI Management products’ line i.e. Indeed Access Manager, Indeed Privileged Access Manager, and Indeed Certificate Manager that target banking, government, manufacturing, telecom, transportation and other economic segments.

Indonesia is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Along with economic growth, the number of companies and enterprises in the country is increasing. In order to ensure the secure development of different companies and enterprises, it is necessary to protect sensitive corporate information and to guarantee secured access of different user categories to this data. We see the great potential and market demand for cybersecurity products that solve problems such as phishing attacks, misuse of privileges, compromised passwords. Due to Indeed Identity’s presence on the market, it became possible to increase the cybersecurity level against external and internal cyber threats. Indeed Identity develops products for comprehensive access management and multi-factor authentication, privileged access management, management of smart cards and digital certificates.

“Currently many companies realize how important it is to apply software security related to data security and cybersecurity. If the company is not protected properly, it could result in reputational and financial losses. In the pandemic era, many employees work from home and it is vitally important to ensure secured access to the corporate data and systems. We are very pleased to be appointed by Indeed Identity as a first Authorized Distributor in Indonesia for Indeed Access Manager, Indeed Privileged Access Manager, and Indeed Certificate Manager products that protect Indonesian market from cyberattacks”, told Lie Heng, Solution Business Director of PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia. “Through this new strategic partnership, we believe that Indeed Identity solutions could synergy with other portfolios that we have now and will give the added value for both parties. Besides that, this appointment could encourage our potential business growth”, added Lie Heng.

“Indeed Identity provides cutting-edge solutions for modern cybersecurity. We know how to protect companies from different external and internal cyber threats. Our products are already evaluated by many customers from across the world,” noted Alexey Baranov, CEO of Indeed Identity. “Since this moment, Indonesian companies will also have an opportunity to obtain all the advantages of Indeed Identity solutions. The Indeed Identity-SMI collaboration is effective teamwork that addresses challenging tasks connected with comprehensive access management of regular and privileged users and improvement of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) efficiency. We are happy that this partnership became possible and believe that together we can enhance the local cybersecurity market.”

Indeed Identity technical experts have a great experience in project implementation. The technical support team works 24/7 and quickly reacts to the customer’s tickets and provides full assistance on all steps of the project. Moreover, Indeed Identity provides high-level customization so that it could provide added value for the end-user. Indeed Identity performs on-premise installation and is very flexible in terms of pricing and licensing policies.

Another benefit for SMI, in addition to expanding the portfolio it offers to customers, is new business opportunities that can increase revenues and profitability. SMI has distribution centers spread across 20 strategic areas in Indonesia covering 150+ cities and 5200+ channel partners supported by robust sales and logistics forces including Technical Advisors and Professional Engineers who are able to provide solutions for its business partners. SMI provides its customers with a variety of product services and solutions with world-class quality. SMI and Indeed Identity will work closely to offer their products through SMI’s strong channels nationwide and through other activities such as training, webinars, conferences and exhibitions etc.


About PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia

PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (“SMI”), a joint venture agreement between PT Metrodata Electronics, Tbk. (IDX: MTDL) and Synnex Technology International Corp., established in early 2011. SMI focuses on ICT Distribution with 2 (two) of businesses: Solution and Distribution, and has built strategic partnership with world-class information technology companies. SMI has seven distribution centers in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar, and supporting logistics and sales force offices across major cities of Indonesia. With their efficient and effective services, supported by dealers and resellers, SMI are ready to serve various needs of customers. For more information about SMI, visit www.synnexmetrodata.com


About Indeed Identity

Indeed Identity is a cybersecurity software vendor with more than 10 years of in-depth expertise in access management and multi-factor authentication of employees and customers, privileged access for admins and critical business users and management of digital certificates and smart cards.

Indeed Identity is present in three global regions: APAC, EMEA and CIS. Our customers are international banks, oil and gas enterprises, government agencies, telecom and transportation companies, some of the world-leading corporations who are in the 500 Fortune list. Having a wide experience of working with different customers around the world, Indeed Identity develops its products in line with the latest trends and emerging technologies.